"TV5 Is A Filipino Company," Defends One Of Its Executives

On December 3, television network GMA-7 filed a suit against the newly launched network TV5. The former complained the "unconstitutionality" of having Malaysian investors being involved in the "programming content and airtime sales" of TV5. (Click here to read related article.)

Formerly known as ABC-5, the network now offers 24/7 proramming and operates a brand new transmitter. Its management explained that ABC-5 had entered into a "major blocktime agreement" with MPB Primedia Inc., which is a Philippine corporation backed by Media Prima Berhad of Malaysia

To further explain this, TV5 CEO Christopher Sy told the media during the network's press launch in August, "ABC-5 is still owned by Tonyboy Cojuanco. Prime Media has simply entered into a blocktime agreement but we do not have equity in this station."

The entertainment media was able to get an update about this said case at TV5's Live Caravan last Saturday, January 3, at the CCP Complex in Pasay City.

In an interview with TV5's SVP for brand management Jasper Evangelista and TV5's media relations head Pat Marcelo-Magbanua, both said that the said complaint has already reached their lawyers, although there was no official statement released yet by the network.

Despite this, Mr. Evangelista was confident that their network did nothing illegal when TV5 was launched. He said, "If you go to TV5, it's a Filipino company—brand management, programming, and marketing as well. Everybody is Filipino."

To clear the rumors about the participation of the Malaysian company in TV5's operation, Ms. Magbanua explained, "We're actually not [a conglomerate of Prima Berhad]. 'Yon din ang misnomer ng mga PRs [press releases], kasi sometimes they put lang words, e, of what they understand.

"Technically, we have Malaysian investors, parang any company naman in the country can have investors. That's what they have in our company, they invested. But in terms of management, that's still us [Filipino]—we're self-registered, we're Filipino-run, 'yong ganun. Pero, we must admit that we have the money [from Malaysian investors], but definitely the decisions are made by us."

INSPIRED BY THE REACTION. The network took GMA-7's reaction as a challenge to give something new to the audience.

"We recognized this year is gonna be challenging, of course, magre-react na ang mga players," said Mr. Evangelista. They have been reacting naman. Ako, expect that, I look forward to that challenge. As a station, our competitors, they're there to keep us on our toes and be really innovative with our content."

Evangelista added that instead of thinking about the two major networks as the competitors, they treat them as media that could teach them something new about the industry.

"Of course, [Channel] 2 and 7, our competitors, are there, we're learning from them. Of course, 2 and 7, sila na ang nag-establish ng TV landscape. You know, kudos to them because they're now moving dynasty, di ba? Kami naman, we're learning, of course, from their success and also from their failure. That's where TV5 strategy emanates from—learning from competitors, learning how to do things better as much as possible, you know, giving televiewers something new on their tables. So, we welcome the competition actually."

ALTERNATIVE OFFERINGS. In less than six months since it was launched, TV5 has already reached the third spot in the ratings game.

"Everybody was inspired that we ended at that high," commented Mr. Evangelista. "When we launched, we were very conservative also. We don't want to oversee naman the market. The objective of the launching of TV5 is be a solid number three."

He continued, "If you think, there's only just two, practically ha, then, everybody falls behind them naman talaga. So, at least, have another option for viewers kasi 2 and 7 are really like [in a close fight]. They look like same programming, di ba? So, we're going in there, shaking the landscape, 'Shake Mo TV Mo,' just to provide variety lang for the viewers and make sure that there there's something else out there for them."

INNOVATIONS IN PROGRAMMING. To follow their aim to provide an alternative to Pinoy viewers, Mr. Evangelista said that they follow a certain mantra.

"The whole mantra of TV5 is really to innovate," he said. "We want to throw in new stuff in there, give them variety. Wala din naman kaming sinasabi na we're gonna make this the whole year kasi it depends. We also take the barometer of what the viewers want. After a while, if this show finishes, we're changing to something new.

"At the same time, may mga key pillar brands nga, so hindi naman parang madyo-jolt ang viewers na pabago-bago ng time ang shows. We're balancing that. It's a very thin line, we want to inject more innovations. Our role in the industry is throw in more shows, more programs, new formats and the like."

Does this mean they staying away from making teledramas, which are very common in the two major networks?

Mr. Evangelista answered indirectly, "If you notice our programming, one of the key things that we're doing is pick our battles. Again, we recognize that 2 and 7 are the big ones, we don't want to engage them at their strength. That's a basic marketing strategy naman, e. So, you pick your battles first, try to get some successes in some key areas first."

Another aspect raised during the interview was having talents, who were directly identified with TV5. Right now, most of the celebrities seen in their networks came from ABS-CBN. Don't they have plans to train their own talents?

Mr. Evangelista replied, "We have a plan that's also happening, even the Lipgloss stars, even the young ones. Of course, we're gonna start with that engine of talents and dapat meron din kaming mga landmark artista rin at the same time."

Among the artists that are strongly identified with TV5 are, according to Mr. Evangelista, "Lucy Torres is like the Reyna of TV5, since ABC5 pa. Ryan Agoncillo is being identified with TV5, his Talentadong Pinoy is doing really well."

Since there are no definite plans yet about having their own celebrities, TV5 is open to showbiz personalities who want to work in their network.

"We're an open shop, regardless if you're from [channel] 2 or [channel] 7, we don't differentiate. We don't discriminate if you wanna work with us," stated Mr. Evangelista. "Unfortunately, there's a regulation that's happening on 7's side. [Channel] 2 has really been very welcoming in sharing their talents with us. Para sa ikagaganda rin naman ng industriya din 'yon. It's a win-win thing. We give their stars exposure and anytime we need we get back to them.

As for 2009, Mr. Evangelisa said that TV5 will have "[a] jampacked program for the year. We're gonna raise the bar in our programming as well."

~ Nerisa Almo

Anonymous –   – (Tuesday, January 06, 2009 3:24:00 AM)  

dito mo makikita kung sino ang gahaman puede namang 3 ntworks diba???

Anonymous –   – (Tuesday, January 06, 2009 4:40:00 AM)  

hmpppp! charing!!!!

che ka! if I know ipinagtatanggol mo lang yang PIPITSUGING TV5 kaze naman sila ang NAGBIBIGAY NG trabaho sa mga frozen este TENGGANG mga kupamilyuckz.

Anonymous –   – (Tuesday, January 06, 2009 5:34:00 AM)  

kaya pala!! baket gustong gustong lumpipat ng mga kanguso sa 2?

Anonymous –   – (Tuesday, January 06, 2009 5:38:00 AM)  

PANO dyaan magaling ang channel chew! sa pagpirata sa pandaraya sa meralco at wawawi killer show. stampede forever

Anonymous –   – (Tuesday, January 06, 2009 5:41:00 AM)  

TSE ka rin as if walang FROZEN DELIGHT SA CHANNEL mong LUKBO. puro panget WELMA GALVANTE panget mike enriquez panget susan tayo panget IGAN panget ikaw rin bayarang panget. puro kayo kacheapan mga girls niyo puro boldstar operada mang-aagaw.

Anonymous –   – (Tuesday, January 06, 2009 5:44:00 AM)  

atleast ang ABS hindi madamot sa talent no!! sana nga maging #2 ang TV5 at sana masunog ang building ng GMA-7 at mamatay lahat ng nandun lalo na si mang enriquez. mga empleyado nila nagkalat sa internet nagfoforum. kunwari maraming fans.HHAHAHAHA

Anonymous –   – (Tuesday, January 06, 2009 5:51:00 AM)  

go to hell KANGUSO@!! kapag wala na kayong masabi isisingit nio yung stampede na yan, gagu ba kau pinilit b silang pumunta dun??? hinakot ba sila ng jeep gaya ng ginagawa ng starstruck????? kusa yun HELLO. kung gano karami ang pumunta run yung ang patunay kung gaano KARAMI ang ang fans ng WOWOWEE kahit sa STATES may bayad pa dinudumog pa DIN. CHEAP nio mga bobo paulit ulit kayo puro kayo STAMPEDE STAMPEDE buti nga namatay si MARKY CIELO di naman sikat PANGET pa. bading pa. kiss my ass kangusong mahihirap!!!!!

go to hell KANGUSO@!! kapag wala na kayong masabi isisingit nio yung stampede na yan, gagu ba kau pinilit b silang pumunta dun??? hinakot ba sila ng jeep gaya ng ginagawa ng starstruck????? kusa yun HELLO. kung gano karami ang pumunta run yung ang patunay kung gaano KARAMI ang ang fans ng WOWOWEE kahit sa STATES may bayad pa dinudumog pa DIN. CHEAP nio mga bobo paulit ulit kayo puro kayo STAMPEDE STAMPEDE buti nga namatay si MARKY CIELO di naman sikat PANGET pa. bading pa. kiss my ass kangusong mahihirap!!!!!

^^> 08_

Anonymous –   – (Tuesday, January 06, 2009 8:50:00 AM)  

kaya malakas magdemanda at magfabricate ng mga istorya yang cheapanngang gme7 na yan ay dahil malakas ang kapit sa gahamang dwende na nasa Malacanang no.

Anonymous –   – (Tuesday, January 06, 2009 8:59:00 AM)  




Anonymous –   – (Tuesday, January 06, 2009 9:02:00 AM)  


DI PO SILA, Lumipat pinirata sila. inofferan ng PERA. malaki pagkakaiba NUN.

Anonymous –   – (Tuesday, January 06, 2009 12:08:00 PM)  

sus pinirata ka dyan.

from shet-e to dos pinirata lagi? kitid ng utak mo ha.

kumain ka na naman ba ng damo ay ganyan na naman kaengot ang u-tak mo?

well, puros manipulated ratings at hype lang kasi ang pinagmamalaki ng cheapanggang gme7 ninyo no kaya puros mga cheapanggang starlet at star-wannabes ang mga artista ninyo na hindi kilala ng mga tao.

over-worked, over-hyped, over-exposed but under-paid = kanguso artists na laspag na at lahat hindi pa rin sumisikat!

kaya hindi natin masisi ang mga artista ninyo na lumipat sa ABS-CBN kasi doon ay well-chosen, good quality projects ang binigigay sa mga artista kaya they are not over-worked, not over-hyped, not-over-exposed and definitely huge paychecks!

Anonymous –   – (Tuesday, January 06, 2009 12:17:00 PM)  

well ano pang maeexpect mo sa mga BAYARANG blind followers ng EBS-kupaLmilya. sa dinami raming niyong talents tapos kada season pa ng PBB at may fear factor pa talagang froezen delight na ang drama nyan. kung sino ang makakasiping ni DEO ENDRINAL like JAKE CUENCA yun ang may project. tigas ng mukha mo sa pagtatanggoL sa palub0g na istasyon na yan....

magkan0 ka ba?? kaw siguro yung sigaw ng sigaw na audience sa ASAP. kapalit nun??? lunch?? pathetic whore. get a life, doggie.

Anonymous –   – (Tuesday, January 06, 2009 12:20:00 PM)  


sus isa ka pang makitid ang u-tak.

ano ngayon kung atty. ang may-ari ng cheapangang gme7?

being a lawyer does not make him an inafallible saint a libreng libre to fabricate claims and sue other TV networks no.

palibahasa kapit-tuko kay Pandak na mortal na kaaway ng mga Lopez at ABS-CBN, kaya malakas ang loob ng gme7 na makipagsabwatan sa agb na magmanipula ng tv ratings at mag-demanda ng ibang TV networks like ABS-CBN regarding digital TV transmission and TV5 regarding the network's ownership.

sa palagay mo makakapag-operate ba ang TV5 kung hindi at least 60% ang owneship ng mga Pinoy sa network na yan?

bobo mo engot! mag-esep-esep ka nga cheapanggang kanguso!

Anonymous –   – (Tuesday, January 06, 2009 12:23:00 PM)  

mga fanatikong kanguso ng cheapanggang gme7...ANG BOBO NINYO as in SOBRANG BOBO! mga cheapangga! ewwwwww! kadiri kayo hahaha.

Anonymous –   – (Tuesday, January 06, 2009 12:31:00 PM)  

haler. mas cheap ka sobrang galit galit ka sa min no baket? di pa binibigay yung rasyon mo ng bigas galing sa LOPEZes wala ka bang maipansaing??

i rest my case here
kapag bayaran di mo na mababago forever

"""scoop to ha"""

naghahire ang abscbn ng mga forumer parang DAMAGE control para bumango sila sa internet para kunyari marami silang fans.

sa lahat ba naman ng kaso nila pati news and current affairs may KASO. tapos



Anonymous –   – (Tuesday, January 06, 2009 1:07:00 PM)  


lolz patawa ka inday.

palibahasa nilalangaw ang forum ng gme7 kaya sila ang nagha-hire ng mga bayarang kangusong forumer, poster at blogger to commence a fake presence of huge kanguso supporters all over the internet.

and to think na kakapiranggot lang ang bilang sila, need nila gumawa ng sandamukal na usernamers at aliases para matapatan ang dami ng mga Kapamilya internet surfers.

and fyi, hindi ako bayaran no. marami lang akong alam...sa politics, sa media, sa business at pati sa showbiz.

at kung iniisip ninyong mga kanguso na SANTO ang cheapanggang gme7 ninyo, pwes nagkakamali kayo!

sa mga walang idea eto yun:


trying hard to maintain a saintly status pero the truth is madumi, swapang sila maglaro!

Anonymous –   – (Tuesday, January 06, 2009 1:16:00 PM)  

^ah ganun ba??? kaya pala yung abs-cbn forums eh halos di na gumagalaw kumpara mo naman sa forum ng gma yun? mas marami pa yatang nagpopost sa qtv forums eh...

tapos yung mga news sa website niyo bago ka makapagcomment pupunta ka muna sa inaagnas na forum na yun. PILITIN daw ba? ganun pa rin kokonti pa rin. walang wala sa PEP.

Anonymous –   – (Tuesday, January 06, 2009 1:47:00 PM)  

ABS-CBN Forum Statistics 01062009:

There are 971 guest(s) online. There are 17 of 105,302 member(s) online.

105,302 users have contributed to 126,348 threads and 30,903 posts.

In the past 24 hours, we have 9 new thread(s), 248 new post(s), and 15 new user(s).

iGMA.tv Forum 01062009:

103 Guests, 37 Users

Most Online Today: 156. Most Online Ever: 1449 (August 10, 2007, 10:27:31 PM)

alin ngayon sa dalawa ang nilalangaw dyan?

Anonymous –   – (Thursday, January 08, 2009 4:09:00 AM)  

wahaha talunan di na siya.. SUMAGOT. bimbo

Anonymous –   – (Sunday, March 01, 2009 3:53:00 PM)  


pero sa totoo lang, nagiging GAHAMAN ang labas ng GMA kasi masyado nilang tinitira angTV5 na kakalabas pa lang. hay nako.

basta ako, hindi ako kapuso o kapamilya.


go TV5! wla akong pakialam kung tawagin ninyo akong cheap o jologs. hindi ako bandwagonist.

kung ano umaapply sa TASTE ko, yun ang sinusunod ko. wala ko paki sa sinasabi nyo.

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